I’m new to iOS development. Should I start learning Swift or Objective-C?

These days we have some programming language dualism when it comes to iOS development. For years, iOS apps were created using Objective-C. In the middle of 2014, Apple announced Swift – new programming language, and within two years, this young cub, became heavy-hitter and a real game changer. Before we determine if it is better to start learning iOS development with Swift or Objective-C, lets review how it started, what was the reason behind Swift genesis, and what is the current status? Continue reading

Dealing with colors in the project

Something pretty simple, yet very useful. Just imagine, you got beautiful app mockups from the designer, with perfectly specified colors in RGB or hex format (or you only got colorful mockups and had to ask “Hey, what’s hex for this button?”). Surely some colors will occur many times in different mockups for the same app. Also, during the app development process, the UX team may change the app appearance many times. How we can define constant values of colors in an elegant, clean, and easy to change way?
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Objective-C Generics

Sure, last year WWDC was all about Swift. That’s a given. After progressing to 2.0, becoming open source, and introducing protocol extensions and a new error handling API, Apple’s young child has grown into a heavy-hitter and deservedly captured the audience’s attention. But in the world of iOS development, good old Objective-C is still in the game, and WWDC 2015 brought a notable new feature. Without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen, let me talk a little about Objective-C Generics.
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