Plans for 2017

New Year’s resolutions can look like just a list of wishes, especially, if they aren’t precise, achievable, and written down. However, for the past 4 years, in the period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I used to sit in a quiet place, go offline, do a retrospective of past year and write plans for the new one. I’m aiming to achieve about 70-80% of these plans (leaving some space to take advantage of randomness and optionality). I made these plans for the main areas of my life – here are my professional goals:

Read 10 programming books

I love reading and I’ve always treated books as a great source of knowledge. Here is my programming reading list for 2017:

The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master
Working Effectively with Legacy Code
Hacking and Securing iOS Applications: Stealing Data, Hijacking Software, and How to Prevent It
Functional Reactive Programming on iOS
CFHipsterRef: Low-Level Programming on iOS & Mac OS X
Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams
The Clean Coder: A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers
Understanding Computation: From Simple Machines to Impossible Programs
Functional Swift: Updated for Swift 3 (once again)
NSHipster: Obscure Topics in Cocoa & Objective C (once again)

This is initial list, not something written in stone.

Release an open source framework

Open source is great. It’s useful to others, visible to the public and can be fun to develop. I believe that the collection of Swift frameworks is still underdeveloped in some areas – just look at the Wolfram Language and the functionality offered by its standard library.

Learn about reverse engineering

Reverse engineering and security issues have always tempted me. This year, I finally want to spend some time on it and play with a jailbroken iPhone.

Publish 12 blog posts

When I started I was aiming for two blog posts per month. Unfortunately, writing articles turned out to be very time consuming. Writing one article per month seems to be doable, and at the same time it will preserve continuity of the blog.

One offline day per month

It seems that I’m really addicted to technology. I hope that spending one day per month without my iPhone and MacBook turns out to be beneficial for my psyche.

Attend at least one big conference

Conferences are great – especially if they are in cities that are worth visiting. I treat them as a break from the everyday work routine, a possibility to meet new people and a chance to open my mind and discover new aspects of the developer’s job. This year I aim to attend a few small meet-ups and at least one big conference, which will probably be Mobile Central Europe or #Pragma Conference.

Make more money

I’m coding for a living, so this goal needs to be included. 2017 should be at least 20% better, in financial terms, than 2016.

That’s all.
Thanks for reading,